Intelligence while you drill

We provide real-time information and insights at your fingertips to make smart decisions

Operational efficiency

Thoughtfully deployed automation to deliver operational efficiency, safety and performance

Sustainable operations

We care as much about sustainability as you do. Our lower carbon footprint supports your sustainability goals and gives you the confidence we are making the right investments into your drilling success.

Dolphin Drilling puts real-time information and insights at our customers fingertips, enabling them to make smarter decisions and deliver cost efficient projects.

With over 55 years of operational experience and a solid financial position, we are continuously innovating and offering the very latest hybrid and digital technology. Our aim is to continually improve performance, reduce carbon footprint, drive consistent operational efficiency and the highest level of safety across all assets.

Vision and Values
Intelligent, Efficient, Sustainable

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Dolphin Drilling further cements its commitment to a greener future

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Dolphin Drilling lead the way in energy management securing ISO 50001 certification copy

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Dolphin Drilling secures a new deal in Norway

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Dolphin Drilling expands presence in Norwegian Continental Shelf

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